Shattered Star

To The Lady's hem

After properly preparing the caravan we set off to the Lady’s Light. The journey was uneventful save a retched green female swamp denizen that attempted to lure us into the bog mist. Having reached the cay we met another witch swamp. This one while slightly less foul she was not without reason. She tasked us to recover some sea grass she called Kelpie Hair. It turns out the foul was growing upon the sunken deck of an old transport just off shore. We made a rational attempt at approach but our preparation was soon shorted by an on rush of the former Captain and crew doomed to man their vessel in undead form. While the water presented a challenge the team adapted quickly sending each to a final rest on the sea bed.

We harvested the grass and found that the Captain’s rapier was of magical quality. Upon presenting it to the Orc hag, Mardoux, she promptly made a putrid stew that sickened my party. Luckily I had just the right magical touch to alter it flavor to avoid such adversity.

The witch went on to tell us that the local Troglodytes and Boggards that she fends of, skulls of both tribe stand as warnings at the edge of her bridge, are at war after some plundering women calling themselves the Grey Maidens lead by Oriana incited the Boggards. It seems the Maidesns are here on a recovery mission as well which makes them our opposition when it comes to the shard.

Hoping to enlist the Trogs to assists we approached their lair. But my rusty Draconic tripped me up at the front gate and we soon found ourselves under assault….


BlenDinn Trundell

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