Shattered Star

Infiltrating the Crow

Pier pressuring the Tower Girls

A crumbling pier for the once glorious Irespan the crow is named for the decorative motifs it bears. It was here that the Tower Girls gang holed up after their most recent dust up and it was here that Natalya discovered and later stole her precious shard. Using cover of night and Natayla’s map we infiltrated and quickly cleared the lower level of The Crow. As we ventured upward against stiffer resistance we came upon a secret access door above the rigging for a freight lift. Following this passage we encountered ferocious resistance. We successfully pushed through it but in the process allowed several Tower Girls, one in Wererat form, to escape. It seems Wes’ appreciation of life extends to these abominations but it’s my belief that the soul remains stained even after the body is freed by the grips of the disease.

But we’ll let the bar stool philosophers wrestle with that for no sooner had I solved the rune lock upon the Thassilonian portal were we ambushed by the mother Wererat herself! Randur was laid low by her swirling scarf. While Bilal and I cleared a pair of Donkey Rats, Wes and Iacobus tangled with the foul gang leader. Once Bilal cleared our way we engaged her veiled dance and she found herself pirouetting on my crackling scizore! Having revived Randur with my inconsistent wand we decided to relock the portal. It seems Bilal and Wes have developed a cold sweat on their brow than Randur cannot relieve so more intense divine healing is warranted. And perhaps we’ll heed Natalya and bring a bit of silver upon our return.


BlenDinn Trundell

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