Shattered Star

A New Chapter

New faces and deadly places

The shards held a power we didn’t understand. It was the demise of my companions, such as they were. And now the Lady Venture Captain Heidmarch has blessed me with new assistants. Between the rat and the green brute I can’t decide which disgusts me more. While I dare not question the standards of the Society they certainly elude me.

It seems these “men” will accompany me to the Lady’s Light, an ancient lighthouse that functions to protect the local shipping lanes The fact that it does so independent of operation does not seem to alarm the locals but it its surely imbued by powerful ancient magic to do so. It’s no surprise that the shards call us to it as resting place for its next of kin. And it will be no surprise when we find it teeming with filth!


BlenDinn Trundell

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