Shattered Star

New Assignment

A new assignment has been proffered by The Society. It is my task to find a thief named Natayla. This woman, a member of a Sczarni gang called the Tower Girls, was acting as a double agent for Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch. She was working on a heist and was to bring information regarding the heist to the Venture Captain. After she rewarded the newly formed team for my opening of the puzzle box we followed up with Natalya’s go between the less than amazing Zograthy. The con spilled what he knew of the girl and the Tower Girl’s region of control and potential contact within named Irespan Arlea. We asked about the Beacon’s Point regarding the Nedialese slave trade receiving a tip that a defunct tavern called the Puffy Pelican serves as a pick up point. We infiltrated the building to investigate but found ourselves on the short end of an ambush! With three of the team blinded I kept the sorcerer at bay. Using my eyes I directed them by my voice as they successfully struck him down.

After rousing the man Weston “reasoned” with him but the man yielded little. His remanding to the guard however did yield in both gold and information on the mass disappearances.. It seems most of the victims have returned confused and with no memories of their absence. The guard considers the case closed and the rumors of Nedialese slavers to be just that. The captain suggested that we instead concentrate on the Tower Girls themselves and their recent rivals the Wet Wash Blades. We’ve been provided a description of a waterfront warehouse in the Underbridge where a creep named Fenster resides….


BlenDinn Trundell

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