Shattered Star

Fenster the Blight

Spend it quickly!

It was a simple enough ruse and I felt no guilt in pulling it. The old man was greedy and he stood between me and my assignment. The information he had would lead me and The Society to Natalya Vancaskerkin. So I changed the appearance of 5 silver pieces to make him believe he was receiving the absurd price he was demanding. With that done he told us of a ramshackle house where our rat was holed up. There we had to run off a couple brutes. I must say the team foisted upon me by Venture Captain Heidmarch has its use. Biblal’s axe and Wes’ & Iacobus’ swords over powered them in short order.

Iacobus’ bluster and blade is without doubt what drew Lucida to him. He has yet to mention what most humans consider transgression. Perhaps he is wiser than most of his race. Once inside we found the building a hazard as well as its Sewer Goblin contents. Had Abidar not flowed through Randur this foul place would have been my demise. I shall purchase a wand of healing so that I can repay his servant’s generosity. Let us hope we do not see that day.

We did then confront Natalya and through a twist of luck were able to overcome steep odds in capturing her. However this was not the to be our greatest challenge as the brute squad had returned with their Sergeant, a towering blonde brandishing a whip. It displeased me to resort to shocking her once I had her in my grasp. It’s just as well as under interrogation she proved quite the cold fish yielding nothing.

Natalya was a different story. The shard she had found was responsible for recent eradicate behavior. Once liberated from the curse she provided all the information we required and some we did not leverage. The shard now cleansed of its curse it is now in Wes’ possession providing him an arcane advantage. The Venture Captain has told us that this shard is one of several and she required our assistance in reuniting them as they would bring a great boon to Varasia as well as glory to The Society.

While I had reservations regarding a VC that would send Pathfinders to recover a cursed item without warning or precaution, I believe her to be genuine enough. And of course access to powerful arcane items and the price they command sound enticing enough.


BlenDinn Trundell

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