Shattered_Star.jpgWelcome to My Shattered Star Campaign.

This Campaign occurs in and around the great walled city of Magnimar in Varsia. You are recruited members of the newest Pathfinder Society run by the Lady Sheila Heidmarch.

PC Build Rules:

1. 25 point build. (Wat?!)
2. Starting at 1st Level.
3. Alignment for all party members must be within one step of each other. This means you all should talk about it. You will be part of a new PF Society team so keep that in mind.
4. I would like everyone to talk to each other about your choices for classes so you can achieve some kind of party balance. No complaints cause you cannot heal yourselves.
5. Max starting gold as per class.
6. Max HP 1st level.
7. HP 2nd level and beyond will be calculated as ½ Class Die + roll of ½ Class Die. Example: Barbarian is D12 so: 6 (.5 x12) + 1D6 roll (12/2 )= HP added. This way we will all have at least average HP per level and the possibility for up to Max HP as well.
8. Must choose one Trait from the Campaign Players Guide, Pathfinder Society Traits count toward this requirement.
9. Banned Classes/Archetypes: Synthesis Summoner, Gunslinger, and anything else I see that is bad flavor for the campaign.
10. Hero Points!
11. No weird ass Races. I am not banning anything, Races Guide is cool, but try to not play something that racist townspeople would want to try and kill on sight.
12. Ultimate Campaign is a useable source, and we will use it for background. One Drawback is allowed.
13. Traits are legal, but only one from each classification per character.
14. Fred’s Critical Hit/Miss program will be in effect!
15. Choose an avatar! (Heromachine 3 is a cool program to build one)

Shattered Star

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