Shattered Star

To The Lady's hem

After properly preparing the caravan we set off to the Lady’s Light. The journey was uneventful save a retched green female swamp denizen that attempted to lure us into the bog mist. Having reached the cay we met another witch swamp. This one while slightly less foul she was not without reason. She tasked us to recover some sea grass she called Kelpie Hair. It turns out the foul was growing upon the sunken deck of an old transport just off shore. We made a rational attempt at approach but our preparation was soon shorted by an on rush of the former Captain and crew doomed to man their vessel in undead form. While the water presented a challenge the team adapted quickly sending each to a final rest on the sea bed.

We harvested the grass and found that the Captain’s rapier was of magical quality. Upon presenting it to the Orc hag, Mardoux, she promptly made a putrid stew that sickened my party. Luckily I had just the right magical touch to alter it flavor to avoid such adversity.

The witch went on to tell us that the local Troglodytes and Boggards that she fends of, skulls of both tribe stand as warnings at the edge of her bridge, are at war after some plundering women calling themselves the Grey Maidens lead by Oriana incited the Boggards. It seems the Maidesns are here on a recovery mission as well which makes them our opposition when it comes to the shard.

Hoping to enlist the Trogs to assists we approached their lair. But my rusty Draconic tripped me up at the front gate and we soon found ourselves under assault….

A New Chapter
New faces and deadly places

The shards held a power we didn’t understand. It was the demise of my companions, such as they were. And now the Lady Venture Captain Heidmarch has blessed me with new assistants. Between the rat and the green brute I can’t decide which disgusts me more. While I dare not question the standards of the Society they certainly elude me.

It seems these “men” will accompany me to the Lady’s Light, an ancient lighthouse that functions to protect the local shipping lanes The fact that it does so independent of operation does not seem to alarm the locals but it its surely imbued by powerful ancient magic to do so. It’s no surprise that the shards call us to it as resting place for its next of kin. And it will be no surprise when we find it teeming with filth!

Our Tepid Return to the Crow

Our return to The Crow has been somewhat less than glorious. Beyond the locked portal we’ve found a pair of giant spiders, a pair of water based oozes, Amoeba and beset upon by a swarm of bats. After chasing a Mite to a lower level we found ourselves attacked by Giant Ants! Our progress is woefully slow and I fear our dallying will provide time for others to learn of our discovery and then we’ll have more than common dungeon denizens to contend with.

Infiltrating the Crow
Pier pressuring the Tower Girls

A crumbling pier for the once glorious Irespan the crow is named for the decorative motifs it bears. It was here that the Tower Girls gang holed up after their most recent dust up and it was here that Natalya discovered and later stole her precious shard. Using cover of night and Natayla’s map we infiltrated and quickly cleared the lower level of The Crow. As we ventured upward against stiffer resistance we came upon a secret access door above the rigging for a freight lift. Following this passage we encountered ferocious resistance. We successfully pushed through it but in the process allowed several Tower Girls, one in Wererat form, to escape. It seems Wes’ appreciation of life extends to these abominations but it’s my belief that the soul remains stained even after the body is freed by the grips of the disease.

But we’ll let the bar stool philosophers wrestle with that for no sooner had I solved the rune lock upon the Thassilonian portal were we ambushed by the mother Wererat herself! Randur was laid low by her swirling scarf. While Bilal and I cleared a pair of Donkey Rats, Wes and Iacobus tangled with the foul gang leader. Once Bilal cleared our way we engaged her veiled dance and she found herself pirouetting on my crackling scizore! Having revived Randur with my inconsistent wand we decided to relock the portal. It seems Bilal and Wes have developed a cold sweat on their brow than Randur cannot relieve so more intense divine healing is warranted. And perhaps we’ll heed Natalya and bring a bit of silver upon our return.

Fenster the Blight
Spend it quickly!

It was a simple enough ruse and I felt no guilt in pulling it. The old man was greedy and he stood between me and my assignment. The information he had would lead me and The Society to Natalya Vancaskerkin. So I changed the appearance of 5 silver pieces to make him believe he was receiving the absurd price he was demanding. With that done he told us of a ramshackle house where our rat was holed up. There we had to run off a couple brutes. I must say the team foisted upon me by Venture Captain Heidmarch has its use. Biblal’s axe and Wes’ & Iacobus’ swords over powered them in short order.

Iacobus’ bluster and blade is without doubt what drew Lucida to him. He has yet to mention what most humans consider transgression. Perhaps he is wiser than most of his race. Once inside we found the building a hazard as well as its Sewer Goblin contents. Had Abidar not flowed through Randur this foul place would have been my demise. I shall purchase a wand of healing so that I can repay his servant’s generosity. Let us hope we do not see that day.

We did then confront Natalya and through a twist of luck were able to overcome steep odds in capturing her. However this was not the to be our greatest challenge as the brute squad had returned with their Sergeant, a towering blonde brandishing a whip. It displeased me to resort to shocking her once I had her in my grasp. It’s just as well as under interrogation she proved quite the cold fish yielding nothing.

Natalya was a different story. The shard she had found was responsible for recent eradicate behavior. Once liberated from the curse she provided all the information we required and some we did not leverage. The shard now cleansed of its curse it is now in Wes’ possession providing him an arcane advantage. The Venture Captain has told us that this shard is one of several and she required our assistance in reuniting them as they would bring a great boon to Varasia as well as glory to The Society.

While I had reservations regarding a VC that would send Pathfinders to recover a cursed item without warning or precaution, I believe her to be genuine enough. And of course access to powerful arcane items and the price they command sound enticing enough.

New Assignment

A new assignment has been proffered by The Society. It is my task to find a thief named Natayla. This woman, a member of a Sczarni gang called the Tower Girls, was acting as a double agent for Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch. She was working on a heist and was to bring information regarding the heist to the Venture Captain. After she rewarded the newly formed team for my opening of the puzzle box we followed up with Natalya’s go between the less than amazing Zograthy. The con spilled what he knew of the girl and the Tower Girl’s region of control and potential contact within named Irespan Arlea. We asked about the Beacon’s Point regarding the Nedialese slave trade receiving a tip that a defunct tavern called the Puffy Pelican serves as a pick up point. We infiltrated the building to investigate but found ourselves on the short end of an ambush! With three of the team blinded I kept the sorcerer at bay. Using my eyes I directed them by my voice as they successfully struck him down.

After rousing the man Weston “reasoned” with him but the man yielded little. His remanding to the guard however did yield in both gold and information on the mass disappearances.. It seems most of the victims have returned confused and with no memories of their absence. The guard considers the case closed and the rumors of Nedialese slavers to be just that. The captain suggested that we instead concentrate on the Tower Girls themselves and their recent rivals the Wet Wash Blades. We’ve been provided a description of a waterfront warehouse in the Underbridge where a creep named Fenster resides….

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